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Who We Are?

Our Current History

Prove Me Wrong has been around since July 4th 1869. It was started by four guys (Derek, Christian, Nick & Nathan) and a snake. Well enough about them. Since then it has grown into a world-wide friendly challenging phenomenon. The Prove Me Wrong game started in France and ended in your pocket, but no one can prove it. So rules had to be set.

In April 2013 we (the original founders) decided to work together to set the rules and digitalize the game.

It is all about the marbles. The one with more marbles wins

Since April they have been working nights & weekends and playing golf during the daytime. Their Golf game and swing has truly improved. Even the snake can shoot under 80 on an 18-hole course.

With that said the plan is to release the beta at the beginning of September and the full version later in December.

Our Future

Prove Me Wrong anticipates growing organically stimulated by members challenging their friends. As they play, friends become members and the game blossoms.

We want to go into more detail about the game and its rules however we have been asked by our barrister to say little to nothing (at this time) to protect our Intellectual building… The snake and I asked him how we can protect a building we are renting… He gave us a strange look. That’s when the snake ran away.

If you are a Marketer please contact us, we have exciting news.


To play the game - Visit the Fans & Curious Schmoes page.

On a Serious Note

The Real Story

Christian & Derek are both college drop outs. Being talented, smart, and creative just was not enough. They were both encouraged as teenagers that college was their only means of entering adulthood. They struggled with school and eventually realized that college was just not for them (at the time) for many reasons. However doors to enter the real world were closed to college drop-outs. Their options were limited. They struggled to find a career path. They felt that they were unable to succeed in the world. They were losing hope, passion and squandering their talents.

They did not fit the standard educational path and the career world was not willing to let them in. Do we just turn our backs on them?

Nick and Enrich Marketing saw potential in both of them. So, two mentoring internship positions were created. Derek was hired as a Marketing Intern and Christian was hired as an Application Development Intern. They started their training in April 2013.

Every Enrich Internship season has an Intern Project.

After several weeks of training, it was time to start the Project. So Derek, Christian and Nick started to brainstorm project ideas. In just 20 minutes Prove Me Wrong was born.

For the next month we brainstormed, white-boarded, planned and set forth to build a Friendly, Engaging and In-Your-Face Challenge Game.

The Real Game

We have built an interactive friend to friend game we want to get in the hands of our friends, like you. This game is about adolescent and adult psychological play that enhances friendships, trust and fun. Our challenges can be embarrassing, gross and even ridiculous but they are not offensive.

The system enhances play to encourage interactivity, deeper connections, and fun memorable experiences with your friends. The game has a lot of surprises and challenges that will stretch the elasticity of friendships and build stronger bonds. The game is all around fun, appeals to your ego and helps players reconnect.

We want to provide more details about the game but we have to protect the Intellectual Property of the team before it is released.

FYI if you are interested in being the first to get your hands on the game sign up on Indiegogo.com to be a Beta Tester or Sneak Peak Player.

The Real Plan

The game is nearing the end of development. Portions of the game are in testing while cross platform integration is just starting. We want to make the game accessible by all online means. By phone, tablet, computer, social networks, SMS Text and any future means.

So here is our Release Plan outline. (Subject to Change)

  • Network Integration Testing complete by July 25th
  • Wizard World comic-con site ready for beta testing by August 1st
  • Mobile Versions ready for beta testing by August 31th
  • Beta testing release September 2nd
  • Sneak Peak Player Release September 12th
  • Public Release (1.0) December 16th

To accomplish this plan we need a few things.

  • Two additional UI Designers (part-time)
  • One Usability Testing Coordinator (contractor)
  • One iOS UI Designer (contractor)
  • Additional Office Space & Equipment
  • Azure Infrastructure Specialist (Advisor)
  • Sponsors (An many of them as allowed by law)

Together we can succeed

Christian and Derek were both out of work and without hope of a career. They were struggling to visualize a bright future. Enrich Marketing has given them an opportunity to learn valuable talents, inspire them to dream again and help them join the workforce. In the process the game was born.

Nick, Nathan, Christian and Derek need your support to make the game a reality. We need support from our friends, family, fans and spectators.

Share – Donate – Play

In return,

First, with your contributions we will hire additional staff, rent addition office space & equipment and contract specialized talent who will make this Game spectacular, user friendly and fun. In addition we will be able to effectively promote and launch the game.

Second, as the game succeeds Enrich Marketing will be able to expand their Mentoring Intern Program by hiring additional talented mentors and hiring more un-schooled adults to mentor, train and launch into specific careers.

Join us today – together we will succeed.